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Project Manager Tool:  PMI PM Edge


As part of PMI’s 50th Anniversary, they developed a new tool for Project Managers, especially those just starting their careers, with interactive content, videos, and study materials that allows you to tackle new subject areas at your pace.  You can access this tool by going to   https://edge.pmi.org/ and now you can download the app! 

This tool is a  free, on-line, all in-one platform to learn project management.  PMI wanted to do something special this year in honor of their 50th anniversary and developed this tool.   It’s gone through several iterations based on feedback and now you can now download the new app through Goole Play or the App Store. 

You will find interesting articles about project management, flash cards, practice tests, links for training,  information for applying for PMI certifications, and some additional resources.  Be sure to check this out and here’s the link to a video to get you started:  https://edge.pmi.org/about-us.

Upcoming Events:

Coming soon!!

What is FW PMI Young & Emerging Professionals Group?

An exciting new group for men and women who are early in their careers of Project Management or are looking to transition to Project Management. Our purpose is to connect young professionals in the DFW area with like-minded individuals for the purpose of enhancing their professional and personal network in addition to providing career development resources.
If you are seeking any of the following resources, then this unique and dynamic group is for you!

  • Perfecting your resume
  • Building valuable Project Management knowledge
  • Assistance with personal and professional growth
  • Developing a career strategy
  • Opportunities to network


This group is still forming.  Check back here often for updates and exciting announcements.