President’s Corner – 2020 Another new year, a new decade

January 2020


Happy new year everyone.  It’s that time again to dig out from what was hopefully a long, happy, restful holiday vacation for each of you and begin thinking of work, career, and planning for another year’s professional development.  As always, we hope you will include the PMI Fort Worth chapter in your plans.  

The board began it’s planning for 2020 last summer during our annual strategic planning session in order to develop our operational objectives for this year.  As I did last year, I would like to share these with you over the next several months in these messages.

The Fort Worth chapter has for many years had a volunteer model – defining four progressively more involved levels of volunteer opportunities:


Our first objective for 2020 is to improve on and fine tune this model to build our volunteer pipelineThis objective aims to strengthen the execution of the existing volunteer model  to recruit and maintain a volunteer base to mutually benefit members and the chapter.  It is comprised of four supporting actions or steps:

  1. Fill open leadership positions (levels 3 & 4) by recruiting creatively – not just filling “chairs”, but creating roles based on member’s skills and passions.
  2. Create "micro", or once and done roles that can help establish entry volunteer relationships with members, springboarding the way to levels 1, 2, and beyond.
  3. Our level 3 and 4 roles which comprise the voting board and leadership team, are an important part of the chapter’s structure with key responsibilities.  While we encourage our membership to move through the volunteer pipeline model into these roles, much like any company, we need processes to ensure we can recruit, vet and appoint/replace these crucial roles appropriately.  To that end we are “tightening” up these role descriptions with more structured criteria, and creating typical personnel type procedures with probationary vetting periods.
  4. For our 1 day volunteer events, we want to ensure we get timely feedback from volunteers so that we can understand their experiece and make any necessary adjustments in the future for improvement.  We will be creating short paper surveys much like the session surveys in the PDC, so that we are assured of getting feedback right away while impressions are fresh.

We hope all our members will help us improve our volunteer model by reaching out to the leadership team with feedback on your current experiences or observations, as well as your desires, skills, or passions for a volunteer role.  There is most likely a place for you on our volunteer team!
See you at a chapter event…