President’s Corner – Focus on Volunteers;

April 2019

April is the month of national volunteer’s week, so what better time to focus on our third of four strategic goals in our annual plan – our volunteer goal.  It states:
Strengthen the execution of the existing volunteer model to recruit and maintain a volunteer base that will meet the chapter's needs
This goal is composed of three components:

  • Maintain up to date open position descriptions in the PMI Volunteer Resource Management System.
  • Advertise key open positions in many easy to find places – website, newsletters, at chapter events
  • Conduct volunteer orientation sessions to help with assimilation
  • Create post volunteer experience survey to collect data and continuously improve experience
  • Where appropriate volunteers are converted to more responsible roles
  • Volunteer appreciation events held
  • Instigate Volunteer of the quarter award

We can’t do the work we do in the chapter without YOU – volunteers.  Volunteers are vital to creating everything that members experience from our chapter.  Volunteering allows members to get involved with the operations of the chapter, to learn new resume building experiences, grow professionally and build connections, and try on new roles that may otherwise not be available in the workplace.
The Fort Worth chapter has a four-tiered volunteer model that allows members to progress gradually at a pace that they are comfortable with.  Each level advances with increasing levels of responsibility and privilege.