President’s Corner – Summer Crossroads

July 2019

Well it’s summertime in north Texas – the heat is here, and the days are longer.  Kids are home and families are going on vacations, perhaps hitting the highways on a road trip. 
July is also the midpoint of the year for the chapter, and a “crossroads” of sorts, where we both reflect back on our progress, as well as look forward to begin planning for the future.  The July chapter dinner meeting begins the program with our annual business meeting where we review 2018 accomplishments, both operationally and financially.  We also look at our progress year to date in 2019. 
Beginning July 1, our new officers for 2020 will be elected and begin their 6-month transition period with our annual leadership team goal planning meeting, which is held the latter part of July.  This would be an excellent time to give feedback to any one of the officers if you have any suggestions for improvement.  You can reach out to any of us at our email addresses: , ,, , .
Also be sure to check out some of the online professional development training offerings available on the calendar in July – including the virtual lunch & learn sessions, as well as the evening series for Intro to Agile and Project Management Fundamentals.  It’s a great way to stay in and beat the heat!