President’s Corner – Back to School,
Investing in your Career Journey

August 2019

August is back to school time when kids are heading back for another year of learning to prepare for their life’s journey ahead.  The Fort Worth Chapter’s Academic Outreach team is proud to participate this month in training the teachers of one Fort Worth middle school – The Fort Worth Academy, in project management curriculum, as they prepare their programs for the coming year.  Middle school students at the Fort Worth Academy participate in project based learning and each year teams work on a “cardboard challenge” project where they construct different items from cardboard for the lower grade students.  This year the Fort Worth Chapter academic outreach team has been invited into the school to teach project management to these students over a series of weeks in the fall in conjunction with their cardboard challenge projects.  The teacher training is a valuable first step to gain feedback towards delivery methods and approach.  It will be so exciting to have this opportunity to deliver our message of project management as a life skill.
The career journey “project” never really ends.  Even if you are currently employed, you must constantly invest in your personal brand.  This includes nourishing your close professional relationships, maintaining contacts; skillsets; and managing assets such as resumes, online profiles, photos, etc.   August is the month of the chapter’s annual career fair which is more than just a job fair.  The 2019 career fair includes participation from many local hiring companies, recruiters, and professional development organizations.  Resume and linkedin profile counseling are provided as well as professional headshots for all attendees. 
So continue to sharpen the saw and invest in yourself.  Navigate your career journey like the project manager you are!