President’s Corner – Get Ready for the New Face of Our Chapter

June 2019

This month I want to share with you the fourth and final goal of our annual plan – our website goal.  It states:
The website shall allow for easy content updates for each work stream, better organized content, allow for ease of events administration, consistent look and feel, ensure that the chapter website is capable and able to serve leadership and members.
Our Fort Worth PMI chapter website  has served us well for many years, but it is time for a technology update.  The ability for leaders to easily use tools to create content, provide innovative, contemporary communication methods, and administer events, directly correlates to our ability to serve members with a state of the art member website experience. 
Just as any for profit company does, we contemplated build or buy options.  There are a small number of players in the professional association website space that specialize in serving PMI chapters.  Leveraging a solution pre-built with a rich set of features targeted to the needs of a PMI chapter has obvious benefits over building and testing ourselves.
I am happy to report to our membership that we have signed an agreement with a company called MG2 Media to implement a new website solution for our chapter.  We have already begun implementation meetings and are targeting deployment in the 3rd quarter this year.  Several chapters in our region and North America have already implemented this company’s technology and are very happy with it. 
To see samples of some MG2 Media sites visit:  ,  , , , or