President’s Corner – One Song, One Dance, One Team

The PMI Transformation

October 2019


This past week members of the Fort Worth chapter leadership team attended the annual PMI Leadership Institute Meeting in Philadelphia, PA – PMI’s headquarters to celebrate it’s 50th year anniversary.  It was indeed a special LIM this year as we learned about many new things ahead for PMI such as details related to the multi-year transformation and, at last the new branding strategy was revealed.

It started with the opening address from the new CEO of 7 months, Sunil Prashira, who shared his thoughts on the 3 pillars of the new strategy:


  • Customer centricity
  • Organizational agility
  • Strategic focus

Supporting these pillars, a number of activities have already happened over the last several years.  For example, to transform from a primarily printed book offering organization in 2016, new products have been developed to support a digital delivery model such as the “Projectified” podcast series, PMEdge, Snippets, and Navigator tools.  Other system enhancements are planned in the future to improve how global regions are able to conduct business such as the ability to operate with multiple currencies.  PMI is also moving to a less centralized, more regionally focused support model – with regional support centers for Asia, EMEA and Latin America to improve response and member experience.
There have been new acquisitions such as Discipline Agile, Brightline and Flex to enhance and round out PMI’s offerings.

On Saturday, Oct 5th, PMI launched their new brand strategy, The Project Economy.  Pictured here are Rahila Vayani, Director of Communications, Denise Stafford, Director of Conferences, and myself standing in front of a banner with the new brand logo. 

Along with the new logo is an entire new lexicon of symbols – each representing a new value that PMI champions going forward. 


You will be hearing more about the new brand in an address from me soon.  You can read more about the project economy here: Project Economy

During his presentation, when Sunil was asked what his vision was for PMI in the future, he responded by saying he sees PMI in the future as being the “Wikipedia” or go to source of curated project information.  He also spoke about a term he called “co-opetition” – or collaboration with professional association organizations previously considered competitors.  He has already had conversations with organizations such as APM and IPMA on topics such as creating products for social good together and giving it away.

He ended his presentation by describing his travels over the past 7 months visiting the different regional meetings and observing some of the customs such as the meeting involving members from several African countries – some of which are currently experiencing considerable political tensions towards each other.  However, when the band began to play music one chapter would get up and begin to perform their native dance.  Then one by one, each chapter from different countries began to get up and join together in the same dance.  Hence, was coined the phrase, and the new mantra for PMI: – One Song, One Dance, One Team…