Outreach Programs

Part of our chapter's mission is to be a "respected community contributor by promoting awareness, effectiveness and value to local practitioners and organizations."  As such we have developed a comprehensive Outreach program which has several teams that focus on specific target areas.  The purpose of these teams is to promote the FWPMI chapter within our community and provide opportunities to engage with local companies, universities, schools and non-profits.

Corporate Outreach team

This team determines the project management value proposition from the perspective of member companies.  Every company is unique in their project management objectives and needs and this team will help identify them and provide resources.  The Corporate Outreach team works closely with the Registered Company Coordinators (RCCs) to share information within the company. 

Current Year Initiatives:

* Expand RCC program.  Identify and grow to include the top 20 employers in our community
* Develop more RCC events within companies to create awareness

Academic Outreach team

This team strives to advance the profession and practice of project management by developing relationships with local academic institutions (high school, colleges and universities).   They create awareness of PMI Education Foundation and academic standards and work with these institutions to create demand for project management programs, clubs and curricula.

Current Year Initiatives:

* Collaborate with Dallas PMI chapter to develop project management training program for Texas high school teachers 
* Develop student events at local universities and colleges
* Work with Future Cities to include project management as criteria for annual events

Community Outreach team

This team provides chapter members with the opportunity to serve our local community, practice our skills and demonstrate tangible results through applying project management processes for one of the many non-profit organizations in our area.

Current Year Initiatives:

* Identify non-profit / charitable organizations for potential community service projects
* Hold two (2) service projects events each year

Do you remember being a student? If you could go back and give your young self the project management skills you have today, how would your personal and academic life have been different?

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And what is the likelihood that project management tools could impact the future of classroom learning and nonprofit success?

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