Fort Worth Chapter Volunteer of the Quarter – 1Q2019

Jonathan Chrisawn,PMP is the FWPMI chapter Web Master.  He has been instrumental in evolving the chapter website to provide more meaningful and relevant information to our chapter members.  Chapter members have already expressed positive feedback about the changes to the website, including the additional content.  They have expressed that this is making it easier to identify opportunities to get involved with the chapter and providing better insight to what is going on in the chapter.  Improving communication for our chapter members is one of the Chapter’s key Strategic Objectives this year. Improving the existing website structure to allow for additional content has been instrumental in improving communication for our chapter members. 

Please join the Fort Worth Chapter PMI Leadership team in congratulating Jonathan on his achievements and recognition as the Fort Worth Chapter PMI Volunteer of the Quarter for 1Q2019!

About Jonathan: Jonathan has been a member of PMI for almost 13 years.  In his earlier years, he was a member and volunteer for the Dallas PMI Chapter, serving as the Technical Director.   He also served on the Fort Worth Chapter Board of Directors for 2 years and when he got married and started a family, other matters took precedence, but he still maintained involvement in the Chapter over the years. When asked what Jonathan likes the most about being a PMI Chapter Volunteer, his response was:

Pure and simple answer – the PEOPLE!  Some of the greatest people I have ever met are members of PMI Fort Worth.  There are some wonderful and passionate people associated with this organization.  These are friends that I wouldn’t have without PMI Fort Worth.  And their passion for what they do is infectious!”

Jonathan is also very involved in his church and with his family.  At church, he plays bass guitar and electric guitar and teaches classes or leads various groups.  With his wife, he leads a ministry for single adults and a care ministry to help those hurting in the community from loss, the death of a loved one, divorce, or some other personal catastrophe.   Another ‘fun fact’ about Jonathan is that, in addition to being a musician (and hard rock/metal is his genre of choice), he loves motorcycles.  Once upon a time, he was a leather-clad biker who almost never rode in a car. 
If you happen to run into Jonathan, please thank him for being a volunteer for our chapter!

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering within PMI and the Fort Worth PMI chapter can be an essential component to your career growth.  You will have the opportunity to develop new skills working on types of projects not available to you in your current position.


FWPMI is a professional organization driven by (volunteer) professionals.  Volunteers like you help us grow and serve our profession and the community at large. This is your chance to give back to your profession while gaining valuable experience, knowledge and recognition.  Whether you are interested in a little or a lot, we need you!

Why should you volunteer? 

* Get more involved.  Learn more about PMI and the chapter
* Make new friends and professional networking contacts
* Improve your project management and leadership skills
* Mentor someone and share your knowledge
* Make a difference within our community
* Help to improve or add events and resources for the chapter members
* It's an opportunity to give back to the profession

See where your gifts and talents may be used by contacting the volunteer management team at for further information.

Volunteer  Management Model

The Fort Worth PMI chapter has developed a Volunteer Management Model.  This model defines four levels of volunteers.  As a volunteer grows, the next steps in the ladder have been defined. 

There are benefits associated with each level and increase commensurate with your investment.  These include discounts, leadership development and of course - resume enhancers!
Where should you start?  Why not select a level one or level two opportunity first?  Get to know some of the terrific volunteers and chapter members.  Once you have completed your volunteer assignment or project, we'll be happy to work with you on your next opportunity!

Share your knowledge or expertise

Presenters: We are always looking for high quality presenters for our lunch and dinner membership meeting events. If you have a topic relevant to project management that is educational, please let us know!
Instructors:  Every month we strive to provide educational workshops on a variety of project management related topics such as soft skills, technical skills and tools training.  If you are a qualified instructor, we'd love to hear from you.
Next step:
Fill out the speaker application form and email it to the Director of Speaker Management.
Interested in working on a team?

Registration management:  help us onsite working the registration table.  Choose events throughout the year that you'd be willing to staff the registration table at either lunch or dinner meetings.

Event management:  help us with planning and set up prior to a meeting or closing out the meeting.  Possible assignments include creating the agenda, calling in meal guarantees, filing PDUs and administrative closeout.

Membership team:  would you like to help our new members learn about the chapter at an orientation?  Staff a membership booth at a meeting? be part of the welcoming committee?

Volunteer Management:  we need more recruiters and help place volunteers in volunteer roles; onboarding specialists and manage the volunteer opportunities or help run the volunteer orientation webinars.

Communications team:  write articles for upcoming newsletters; update / add new website content; manage the communications calendar and prioritize new development for website.

Teams meet as needed to work on tasks.  This may be once a month or several times/year.  Send an email to the volunteer management team if you'd like to work on a team.

Update your VRMS Profile! 

Click on the logo above to log into, update your interests, and browse current volunteer opportunities.