Job Board

        The job board is a free service offered to Fort Worth Chapter PMI members and businesses
         located in – or serving – the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  The two main job board areas are:

FIND a Job
(Members-only area)

VIEW all job postings
  - Active jobs by posting date (default view)
  - Inactive jobs (expired) can be viewed 
  - Sort by JobID #, posting date, Title, City

SEARCH job by Key words, JobID #, City,  State, Job Type, and Job Status 


Employers:  Are you hiring?

POST a Job

SUBMIT job postings       (Terms & Conditions)
All job postings require approval before showing on the job board:
   -  FWPMI Member submissions are automatically approved and show immediately.
   -  Non-member submissions are routed to the job board administrator for approval.
      Jobs ‘pending approval’ do not show up on the job board.

Each job posting has an expiration date – and becomes Inactive after that date.  It is still available on the job board, but no longer shows up in the default (Active) views.
   -  Upon submission, the expiration date may be set as far as 30 days out – the maximum.
   -  The job poster may extend the expiration at any time – up to 30 days out.
      The intent is to ensure only relevant, current postings show by default – and perform
       automatic housekeeping by moving Inactive  postings to the background.

MANAGE your job postings
    - View, Search, Print
    - Edit your jobs
    - Extend a job posting (by adjusting the expiration date)
    - Expire a job (Changes its status to Inactive.  Jobs are always expired, not deleted.

SET PROFILE - First-time job posters set up a profile with company and contact information that becomes a default for their job postings.  This simplifies future job postings.  After initial setup, the defaults can be updated on the “My Info” page.  (If you plan to post jobs on behalf of more than one company, you can choose to leave your posting profile blank – and fill in that key information with each job posting.)

     Need help or have questions? 
     Contact the job board administrator at


Connect the Dots !

Job Seekers and Job Providers – identify yourself at chapter meetings with a colored dot on your nametag – available at the registration table.  Great for finding resources -- and being found !
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