Fort Worth PMI Chapter Professional Development Conference (PDC)

June 14, 2018

The Fort Worth PMI chapter's Professional Development Conference (PDC) brings together project management practitioners from across the north Texas area. This conference provides you with the opportunity to learn new skills, explore new trends and network with other project management professionals.  

Registration will open in April.
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Our theme this year is Moving on Up! - From a Good Project Manager to a Great Leader. 

Keynote Synopsis: You are a good, even great, project manager that can deliver results on time, on budget and within the scope of the project manager repeatedly.  Your organization loves you and relies on you.  Did you know that when we look for tomorrow’s leaders, one of the key elements that organizations find so difficult to find is what you have in spades:  the ability to execute, to get the work done and to deliver on a plan.  This workshop will put aside the skills and knowledge you need to have to be a good project manager and focus on what you need to be a great leader.
We review the key areas that one would need to address to be able achieve a position as a senior leader.
* Thinking like a senior leader - learning the language, talking the talk.
* Thinking outside the box - creatively and critically
* Communications skills required by senior leaders
* Financial Management for non-financial managers   
* The Strategic Plan – creating and delivering        
* Creating an innovation-friendly environment 

Our five tracks will be:
* Leadership
* Technical Project Management
* Strategic and Business Management
* Professional Development
* Agile

Our Keynote Speaker will be offering two breakout sessions:
* From Strategy to Execution - This session looks at the lifecycle of strategic planning and execution.

Key Takeaways

* Understand the key foundation blocks to strategic planning
* Learn why strategic plans do and don’t work
* Understand how to create a strategy execution culture that can give you plans a better chance of survival   

* Relationship Portfolio Management - Growing and Managing your Professional and Personal Networks - This presentation is about the art and science of connecting and staying connected. 

Key Takeaways

* How to create and manage relationships in your job and your Life
* How to make your ‘Portfolio of Relationships’ work for you.
* How to build your network to succeed in business and in life. 

We will have a Corporate Executive Panel discussion during lunch.

We will have FUN!

Registration will open in April.
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     2013 PDD - A PM for All Seasons

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