Virtual Meeting - Topic: The Shape of Trust; Speaker: Cassini Nazir

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  Thursday 05/21/2020 - 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM


  Virtual - Zoom

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Topic: The Shape of Trust
Speaker: Cassini Nazir

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We are designers. Some of us are interaction designers. Today, we take a moment to chip off a small block from the iceberg of trust and responsibility. To do that, I’d like to explore an artifact that interaction designers often create:

- This artifact is one way we announce ourselves when visiting the home of friends.

- It is what I used to type up this text.

- You find it all over the thing with which you have your most intimate relationship, your phone.

- And it is an artifact so amazing, you even have one (in your belly) …

The button.


Learn how nature inspires and impacts modern design in the digital age.

Our Speaker:

Cassini Nazir

Cassini Nazir is a designer of conversations, curricula, and interfaces. He is a member of the Interaction Design faculty at UT Dallas, Director of ATEC Usability Lab, and Design Director for @ArtSciLab. Cassini enjoys exploring the intersections of arts, science, and technology.


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