Dinner Meeting - The Knowledge Cafe?: Curiosity, Innovation, and Creating an Environment for Shared Project Knowledge

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  Thursday 01/16/2020 - 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM


  Texas Star Conference Center

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The Knowledge Cafe?: Curiosity, Innovation, and Creating an Environment for Shared Project Knowledge

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Presentation Overview:

Knowledge is the most significant currency in today’s project-driven world. The current knowledge of an organization or an industry will be obsolete in two to five years, but the wisdom of its employees - a.k.a. Knowledge Workers - can potentially endure and curate a competitive edge in the project-driven workplace. In a world of daily disruptions, there is an urgency to capture, transfer, and retain the deep smart of an organization’s Knowledge Workers. Without the retention and application of the learned knowledge of those who came before us, our organizations will be poorly equipped to stay relevant in today’s constantly evolving environment of innovation.


Everyone can have their own Knowledge Café!It’s as simple as walking into your favorite corner café for a cup of coffee with friends. In this practical, caffeinated, and interactive Knowledge Café presentation, I will explain the critical nature of implementing a knowledge economy in the workplace. I will also lead exercises designed to stir and provoke curiosity for new knowledge creation, transfer, and application.


Our Speaker:

Benjamin Anyacho, MBA, PMP, CCM

International Keynote Speaker / Author / Servant Leader

Benjamin is an international speaker at PMI Global Conference and Region LIM and momentum builder with 25+ years of experience in leading result-driven, complex programs and projects. He is the Sr. Project Manager, Operational Excellence, at the Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) Strategic Planning Division, where he is charged with helping the 50+ communities of practice as well as over 12,000 individual state agency employees understand the KM efficacy and implementations. Previously, he held the interim section director position and initiated, developed, and managed the Diversity Management System at the TxDOT Civil Rights Division

Benjamin is a voting member designee on the ASHTOs Committee on Knowledge Management, and he contributed to the committee's design. Benjamin is also a member of the AASHTO/TRB Subcommittee on KM Research and is the founder of Leaders and Thinkers International and Apostolic Bridge Builders (NPPMG), a leadership network that serves more than 38,000 global leaders

He is a founding advisory board member of ADRN, the largest disaster relief network in central Texas, and a board of trustee member of Juliana King University Houston where he was honored with a doctorate in leadership. He is a certified PMP?and earned an MBA from St. Edward’s University.

Watch for Benjamin’s 2020 book, The Knowledge Café, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Oakland CA.




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