Outreach Project

Date & Time: 

  Saturday 10/13/2018 - 07:00 AM - 05:00 PM


  Ronald McDonald House

FWPMI Chapter Outreach Event

Ronald McDonald House - Fort Worth

We will be preparing and serving a meal to serve to the parents who are in residence that day (as many as 100).  We will be forming 2 teams:  a planning team that will consist of a team leader and 3-4 team members, that will come together in the June – Sept timeframe to plan the menu, recipes, preparation instructions, budget, shopping lists, and purchase the ingredients.  The “day of” execution team will arrive at the Ronald McDonald House on Saturday, Oct 13th at 4:30 to prepare the meal according to instructions developed by the planning team, then serve at 6:00.  Both team descriptions are below:

Planning Team:
This team will be responsible for the planning – which includes selecting a menu according to Ronald McDonald House guidelines, preparing shopping lists and estimating cost, creating recipes and instructions for the “day of” preparation team, and performing shopping

·       Dinner Menu
·       Budget
·       Shopping list
·       Recipe & Meal preparation instructions
·       Meal ingredients
·       Attend meetings scheduled by planning team lead
·       Meet with coordinator at Ronald McDonald House to learn requirements; Take kitchen tour
·       Develop menu
·       Develop recipes and meal preparation instructions
·       Develop shopping lists and budget
·       Purchase ingredients
“Day of” Execution Team:
This team will be responsible for the “day of” execution – which includes preparing the meal at the Ronald McDonald House kitchen according to the recipe and instructions created by the planning team, serving to up to 100 resident parents, and cleanup.  Arrival time for food prep is 4:30; dinner service is 6:00
·       Dinner preparation
·       Dinner service
·       Leftover food storage
·       Kitchen cleanup
·       Attend any preparatory meetings scheduled by team lead
·       Follow recipe & directions to prepare meal
·       Serve Food to house residents
·       Clean up kitchen
All team volunteer job opportunities will be posted in VRMS under the names:
Community Outreach Planning Team Lead  (open Jan 1, 2018)
Community Outreach Planning Team Member (open Jan 1, 2018)
Community Outreach Team Member (open May 1, 2018)
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